No Bones About it Solving Equations

Yet another game we played to reinforce our new “solving equations” skill was called “Boning up on Solving Equations.” It was, in essence, a game board with several bones on it from a “Start” bone all the way to a dog house as the ending. As with other games, I had cut up small pieces of different colored paper to use as place markers. Someday I’ll remember when I’m at Mardel’s or Lakeshore Learning Center to find elementary counters or erasers in different shapes to be used as place markers. The first person rolled the dice and then flipped over a card with a bone on it as well as an equation. I had prepared these cards ahead of time. All students in the group solved the equation, and then they compared their answers. If the person rolling the dice was correct, they moved their game piece the number rolled places. While I got this game out of a book, it could easily be made using any kind of game board and any kind of cards. Sometime when I have that extra time with nothing else to do, I’ll make some pretty game boards, print them out in color, place them on thick card stock and laminate them. As of this time……. they might get the game boards printed off on color paper. That sounds like a good summer project for me.

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