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Product Swap with HoJo’s Teaching Adventures





A brand new quarter brings a brand new blog hop with lots of my favorite blogging friends. Over the last several months, I have gained a ton of new blogging friends. Doing great projects like this blog hop allows me to become even closer with some of them. This quarter I have been blessed with being partnered up with Heather from HoJo’s Teaching Adventures.

Let me start by giving you a little bit of information about HoJo…. Here is her AMAZING blog……. Here is her SUPER DUPER Teachers Pay Teachers store (check out her adorable profile pic! Wouldn’t you just love to have her as your teacher!! So fun!)…… Here is her Facebook fan page………  and finally, here is her Pinterest account. Please, please, please go check out her stores and sites and “follow” or “like” each of them. She is a fabulous sixth grade teacher with loads of great information!

I chose to review HoJo’s Multiplying Decimals Magic Squares product. She was so sweet, she went ahead and sent me her multiplying (whole numbers) magic squares as well. I was extremely thankful, because dummy me didn’t think about the fact that I won’t be teaching multiplying decimals for a few weeks still…… duh….. Trust me….. when we get to multiplying decimals, my students will LOVE this activity. Since she sent me the whole number multiplication magic squares, I used them for my math Focus class, a remedial math class that students must take if they failed their state test the year before. As with most students who do poorly in math, my focus students struggle with their basic multiplication facts. Being middle schoolers, they don’t want to do some of the “lower level” multiplication practice that is out there. These puzzles are wonderful practice sets for my students!  They LOVED them!! In fact, I was showing my daughter (a seventh grader) the decimal multiplication puzzle, and she didn’t want to quit working on it! I even started to put together some of the whole number multiplication puzzles together because they are so much fun!

Here is a picture of the actual product……..


Here is a description of the product……

**Each magic square will have students answer 24 math problems!**

Preparation and Storage: You will need to print off the number of copies you need. (I recommend printing them on cardstock and laminating them.) I have used these as individual work, partner work, and small group work. They also work well for students who finish early or for use during center time. Cut the magic squares out and put them into plastic baggies for students’ use. I put each set in its own plastic baggie. Then I put all of these baggies and one original sheet in a manila envelope with the name of the activity on the front. This way I have the answer key and all materials readily available.

Directions to Play: Give students the cut-up magic square sheet. Tell them they need to put the square back together. The first time you have the students complete one of these, I suggest drawing out a 4×4 square on the board so they understand what it should look like. You can also give them the hint (because I have found some do not figure this out!) that the letters will all be facing the correct direction.

Correcting Student Work: To easily check a student’s completed work, keep an original copy of the magic square sheet they are working on. This way you can immediately check to see if the letters are in the correct order or not.

Here is a picture of me cutting out the puzzles……


When I cut out the puzzle, I made sure to leave the top and sides around the large square so that my students would be able to use it as sort of a frame for the puzzle. It is suppose to be a four by four, and doing this allowed them to realize how many across and how many down as they built the puzzle. Being that I laminated it all together, this “frame” is laminated and durable as well.

Basically there are sixteen small squares with different multiplication problems and their answers on each side of those squares. Students work the problems and match up the problems with their appropriate answers. One hint for these answers is that all of the letters will be facing in the upright positions. I made two copies of each puzzle. I laminated both sets. I cut out one set and left the other intact so that students could quickly check their answers when they finished putting the puzzle together. I set them up in stations and had students working alone. I numbered each station. When I noticed that all students were finished with their current puzzle, I said “rotate” and students got up and went to the next station and began working on that puzzle. I didn’t have the stations in a line numerically, so that when students got up to rotate, they had to actually search for the next station. This gave my students a little bit of a “brain break” to get their blood flowing and ready for the next puzzle. My students did this for the whole hour, and LOVED it! I am super excited to let my regular math classes do the decimal multiplication puzzles!!

If you have followed my blog at all, you know how much I LOVE games to reinforce the skills that I teach. Well, these magic squares are PERFECT reinforcement games!!! I encourage you to head over to her store and buy yours for your classes!! I PROMISE you that you won’t be disappointed! Make your kids happy and let them play a game!

Here is a direct link to the whole number multiplication magic squares, and here is a direct link to the decimal multiplication magic squares.

As a “Thank You” for being such great supporters, we are giving away five sets of HoJo’s Magic Squares and my “Cootie Catcher/ Fortune Tellers” for free!!!! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is follow our blogs, Facebook fan pages, and Teachers Pay Teachers stores. Follow the link below to enter the giveaway!!!

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 Make sure you head over to HoJo’s blog to read her review of my “Cootie Catchers/ Fortune Tellers!”

HoJo's Teaching Adventures


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