Coordinate Graphing with Sir Cumference


Yes, this is my homemade cottage graphic. Don't make fun of it. lol!

After great success with some of my activities for the Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, I decided to order the other books in the set. If you’ve never seen this series before, I encourage you to search or some other book sellers and check them out. It’s great any time you can incorporate literature into math or math into literature.

The book I chose to incorporate my next few activities with is the newest of the series, Sir Cumference and the Viking’s Map. This book uses two characters, Per and Radius, and their search for a hidden treasure to help students remember some of the terms used for coordinate graphing. I hope teachers don’t think that these books are too young for their older students. I’ve learned that kids love things that are out of the ordinary. It’s all about the way teachers introduce activities as to whether students feel comfortable with lesson or not. Changing the different activities you use frequently keeps students engaged and excited to come to class.

The first activity I made to go with Sir Cumference and the Viking’s Map is a “treasure hunt” type of an activity. I made a coordinate graph with a few graphics on it. There is a cottage at the origin, a couple of meadows, and a lake.  On another sheet of paper are ten different “places” that Per and Radius go to. The students are to place an X at each of those coordinates. This is the first of several activities I am planning to make. I hope you enjoy them. I would sooooo appreciate it if after you download the activity, if you could please rate it and follow me on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Thank you so much! Please click the link below to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store in which you can get the activity.
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