Integer Operation Fortune Teller / Cootie Catchers

My students call them fortune tellers, some kids call them cootie catchers. Either way, students of all ages love them!!! It gives them a little movement activity, a little scissor action, a little folding action, but most importantly…….it gives them integer operation practice in a fun way. Students will work eight problems and not even complain! In math, that’s a miracle. haha. The best part of this as a teacher, is that the activity is self correcting. They work the problem and then lift the flap to check their answer. I demonstrated folding these in a previous post, so here is a link to that post. The packet I have for sale includes eight different fortune tellers. Two each for the four different operations. It also includes a recording sheet for students to put the problem and answer. I have made an additional fortune teller for you to download for free here on my blog. If you like it, you can go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to purchase a whole packet of them for only $2. While you are at the store, there are eleven free items that you are welcome to download. Thank you for being so supportive! The first graphic is for the free fortune teller, and the second graphic is to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to buy the packet.

Click the picture below for the freebie!

Click on the picture below to go to the $2 packet of fortune teller at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.



Freebie Downloads Page

About two years ago, I stumbled upon an amazing blog, It has wonderful tips, articles, blog posts, and numerous resources. This last month, I saw that she was asking for people to enter one of our “freebies” to her site. She would choose the best to place in a blog post on her site. I was ecstatic when I realized she had chosen my freebie!! Here is a link to her blog post that includes my “Fortune Teller to Reinforce Finding the Circumference of a Circle”. It also includes some other freebies you can download as well. While you’re there, browse her blog for some great information and resources!

Click below for the link to the page. Thanks!!!

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