To Your Station Mister, We’re Evaluating Expressions

This is my room set up for stations

Have you ever had one of those teaching days when you’re like, “Wow! This is really working!”? Well, I did today. For years, I have always wanted to set up stations in my classroom to allow students to move around the room, work in groups, and do different things throughout the hour. I was lucky enough to find a book on that is built around “stations” for math. Because of my class sizes, I set up two sets of four stations, a set of “A” stations and a set of “B” stations. The stations were four groups of desks, a manilla file folder with the station number, and whatever materials were needed for that station. The following is a list of the stations and their required materials:

Station 1: Worksheet, one dice, a set of 5 index cards with the following expressions written on them:
3n + 4,  2m^2,  15 – x,  60 / p,  2x – 2

Station 2: Worksheet

Station 3: Worksheet

Station 4: Worksheet, set of 5 index cards with the following expressions written on them:
2x + 2, 5 + x, 36 / x,  16 – x,  2x^2

set of 5 index cards with the following values of x written on them:
x = 2, x = 3, x = 4, x = 5, x = 7

Give the students ten minutes at each station. The worksheets explain how to conduct each station, but I still had to help a few of the groups. The following pictures are of the worksheets for each station. 

Worksheet for Station 1- Expressions
Worksheet for Station 2 - Expressions
Worksheet for Station 3 - Expressions
Worksheet for Station 4 - Expressions
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