Coordinate Graphing for Everyone!

Coordinate graphing is a skill that students love. They enjoy the wonderful games we play. They REALLY love making the super cool coordinate graphing pictures I’ve made for them. Needless to say, once you’ve taught them how to graph the points……the reviewing for it is soooooo easy and sooooo fun!

Here is a freebie download of the “Word Wall” words I made for this coordinate graphing unit.

Here are pictures of how I used them in my room.

This year for teaching coordinate graphing, I made a half sheet handout. On one half of the half-sheet, I made a grid. On the other half, I gave directions for labeling the different parts of the grid to make it a coordinate graph. I also added some points for them to graph. We labeled these graphs together and graphed the points together. After the lesson, I gave them a very simple coordinate graph picture that I got out of a book that I already had. Click on the picture below to get the download of the freebie for labeling the graph.

The following day, we played my “I Have/ Who Has Coordinate Graphing” game. They LOVED it!! It is pretty quick because everybody loves looking for the points and the letters and most everyone truly understands how to graph points. With this “I Have/ Who Has” game, students end up looking for thirty-two ordered pairs. If you wanted, you could have students write the answers down as you went. I don’t do that with this particular “I Have/ Who Has” game, because it’s very easy to tell that all of the students are paying attention. It is very important that as a teacher, you print out an extra copy of the cards and not cut them out so that you can have an easy reference sheet. If someone goes when they aren’t suppose to (usually kids will pipe up if someone is wrong), it skips students and is a little difficult to find where the mistake was made. You can either buy this game here on my blog or you can purchase it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Buy this amazing “I Have/ Who Has” game for only $2.00!

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We also played a game that I fashioned off the Battleship game. I called it “The Tribute Search.” It is played exactly how Battleship is played except that one partner is Katniss and one is Cato. If the student is Katniss, they must hide Katniss, Peeta, and Rue (these are that players “ships”). If the student is Cato, that student hides Cato, Marvel, and Clove. I did this because for my sixth graders, “The Hunger Games” is huge. If you put a catchy title to stuff, kids will bend over backwards wanting to play. I play for a little while me against the whole class. Of course I’m not going to “find” all of their hiding places, but the back-and-forth game play lets them learn that rules and how to play the game. Trust me…..I’ve done it by just giving them the rules, and I spent more time walking around to each pair of students going back over the rules. This saves me a lot of time and gray hair.

You can buy “The Tribute Search Coordinate Graph” game at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, or here on my blog for only $2.00!!

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Because our curriculum calendar only allowed a couple of days for coordinate graphing, I haven’t played some of the other games I have nor have I given them my “Hunger Games” nor my “Timmy Turner” coordinate graphing picture. I will be doing the other games in a special class I have that includes students who scored poorly on their state test. They take it as an elective. In that class, I am able to let them play even more games and do some of the things I don’t have time to do in class. I will also use my coordinate graphing pictures for times when I am going to be absent, or those weird days before a big break when trying to teach a new skill would be fruitless, but you don’t want to waste the day. Below are some freebies and some products I have for coordinate graphing. I have listed the price or that they are freebies. You can purchase the products from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, or here on my blog with a credit card or your PayPal account. While you are at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I would LOVE it if you would go ahead and click the “Follow this Store” button. By following me, you will receive an e-mail letting you know when I have added something to my store. Thank you so much for your support!! I hope you enjoyed this post and the items I have!!


Here are links to some of my coordinate graphing pictures I’ve made. “The Hunger Games” and “Timmy Turner” are pay for products, but the “OKC Thunder” and the “San Antonio Spurs” are freebies!

My Hunger Games coordinate graph picture has been bought by many and I have had tons of praises. My own students LOVE it as well. The price of this gem is $3.00. Click on the picture or on the link to my store to by it from Teachers Pay Teachers, or buy it here on my blog.

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Here is a picture of the loved cartoon character Timmy Turner. Students love to make this great graph picture!

Buy Timmy Turner for only $2.00! Here or at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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Everybody loves a freebie, and here are two great freebie coordinate graph pictures. One is the OKC Thunder shield and the other is the San Antonio Spurs logo. Click on the graphics to get your freebie!

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For My Texas Friends (and anyone else who wants it)

My husband is a wrestling coach, and our lives have been consumed with wrestling. I have seriously never cared one-way-or-another for basketball. That is until we got the Oklahoma City Thunder. Unfortunately, I don’t really have the time to follow them during the regular season, but for the last two years my family (along with the majority of Oklahomans) have been all consumed with the NBA playoffs. The Thunder is something that we are HIGHLY proud of. This year I made a coordinate graphing picture of the OKC Thunder logo.

As most of you know, we are currently in a series with the San Antonio Spurs. I have many “teacher bloggy” friends that are from Texas as well as many of my followers are from Texas. Because of this, I decided to take some time off of my big product project and make my Texas friends a “Spur”prise. I started it a few days ago, and just now finished it (in the middle of game 5). I have made a coordinate graphing picture of the San Antonio Spurs logo. It is fairly lengthy, with several 0.5’s in it. My sixth grade students LOVED the Thunder picture and worked diligently wanting to get the picture made. I hope your students enjoy this Spur picture as much as my Okie kids loved their Thunder one!! Let me know what you think!!! oh and……THUNDER UP!!!!!


The Hunger Games Coordinate Graph

One of the most important concepts that students must master in order to be successful in algebra, is graphing on a coordinate plane. One of the graphing activities that my students love year after year, is graphing ordered pairs that end up making cute pictures. I have made an amazing coordinate graphing activity, and I am soooo excited!! This is a coordinate graph picture of The Hunger Games mockingjay pin. It comes with a graph with the mockingjay pin picture on it, a blank coordinate graph, and a set of ordered pairs that form the picture. My students always love making pictures, and this one goes perfectly with the newest student obsession. There are now three ways to purchase this amazing activity! I have included it in my FTLOTM Store page, or you can click on the “Buy Now” button here on this post!


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Coordinate Graphing with Sir Cumference


Yes, this is my homemade cottage graphic. Don't make fun of it. lol!

After great success with some of my activities for the Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, I decided to order the other books in the set. If you’ve never seen this series before, I encourage you to search or some other book sellers and check them out. It’s great any time you can incorporate literature into math or math into literature.

The book I chose to incorporate my next few activities with is the newest of the series, Sir Cumference and the Viking’s Map. This book uses two characters, Per and Radius, and their search for a hidden treasure to help students remember some of the terms used for coordinate graphing. I hope teachers don’t think that these books are too young for their older students. I’ve learned that kids love things that are out of the ordinary. It’s all about the way teachers introduce activities as to whether students feel comfortable with lesson or not. Changing the different activities you use frequently keeps students engaged and excited to come to class.

The first activity I made to go with Sir Cumference and the Viking’s Map is a “treasure hunt” type of an activity. I made a coordinate graph with a few graphics on it. There is a cottage at the origin, a couple of meadows, and a lake.  On another sheet of paper are ten different “places” that Per and Radius go to. The students are to place an X at each of those coordinates. This is the first of several activities I am planning to make. I hope you enjoy them. I would sooooo appreciate it if after you download the activity, if you could please rate it and follow me on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Thank you so much! Please click the link below to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store in which you can get the activity.
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th -


Activities I Use for Coordinate Graphing


Coordinate Graphing is one of those fun lessons I love to teach. Sixth grade PASS requires us only to graph ordered pairs, but that is the basis of graphing. It is this introduction to graphing that sets the tone for the rest of their math courses. In the past, I’ve made elaborate coordinate graphs using duct tape on the floor, giving students an ordered pair, and having them walk from the origin to their point. For the students I teach, I decided that this process isn’t really necessary. For the last couple of years, I give the students a colored sheet of paper with a graph printed on it. We draw the x and y axis, the origin, number the axis, number the quadrants, and then graph a few ordered pairs. A special education teacher found a way to help them to remember to graph the x coordinate first and the y coordinate second. You explain that they “taXi before they flY.” Durint the summer, I had the idea  that I was going to show the introduction to the movie Top Gun where they are flying the jets off the big ship and the song “Highway to the Danger Zone” (if that’s not it, that’s the main words to the song) is playing loud. After showing the clip I would use the “TaXi before you flY”, but I totally forgot until after the lesson. Hopefully next year I’ll remember, because I thought that would be an excellent introduction. Here are some of the activities I do, or have done to reinforce graphing ordered pairs on the coordinate plane.

I Have, Who Has

The first activity I do with the students is an “I Have/ Who Has” game. If you’ll look under the “Resources” tab, I have a review of the book. The students LOVE this activity. Every student is engaged at all times and they look for about 40-45 ordered pairs each in just one game. In the book there are four different games, so you could do one during the lesson and then do others as review or something to do when you have free time. This “I Have/ Who Has” game comes with a coordinate graph with different figures at different points. It suggests that you use it as an overhead transparency, but I make a classroom set and put them in a plastic page protector. I pass out all of the cards. Most of the students get two cards. The following is a picture of the coordinate graph that comes with one of the games. Like I said, the students absolutely love this game and with so much repitition they really catch on and it makes playing the other games much easier.

This is the graph that goes with one of the "I Have/ Who Has" games

The next activity I have them do is called “Sink Cap’n K”. I did not make this activity up myself, I got it off another website from another teacher. Here is the document, and I encourage you to personalize it to your name. Sink Cap’n K  I copy this front and back on one sheet of paper and hand it out to each student. I usually play the first side with them. I play it “them against me.” Of course this is not exactly fair and you’re obviously not going to sink everyone’s ships, but you don’t have to tell them that. They really get a kick out of it. Make sure they know to keep track of the shots that each student is firing so that they don’t call the same point twice. I just play the game for as long as I have time, because nobody is actually going to “win” playing it this way anyway. The next day, the students get into pairs and play against each other. I meant to get manilla file folders for the students to use as “covers” for their games, but I forgot so they used the inside of their books which worked just as good. The following is a picture of some students playing the game.

The next game is one that I haven’t used so far this year, but will probably use as a review later on in the year. I did use it last year. It’s called “Coordinate Hangman”. I got this game out of my “The Middle School Mathematician” book. There is also a review of this book as well in the “Resources” section of this website. This game they play just like hangman only instead of giving the actual letter, they have to give the ordered pair of the point the letter is on in the graph. Last year when we played this, I gave them a category they had to choose a word from. Categories like restaurants, animals, cities, etc. The following is a picture of the game.

I hope your students have as much fun as mine do learning how to graph ordered pairs!!

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