Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Graphic Organizer Freebie

Here’s a little side note for you….. It is 5:45 on a Monday evening, and I am still in my classroom. Not necessarily because I have that much work to do but because I am waiting for my daughter to go to the school Valentine’s Day dance. She goes to the same middle school that I teach at. She is a cheerleader, and I am the cheerleading sponsor. She wanted to play tennis, they asked me to be the tennis coach. I am basically everywhere that she is. When they asked for chaperones, I said no. I felt like she needs some “non parental supervision time” away from me. I would’ve hated for my mom to be at everything that I was at. It’s not that she wants to do something bad, but just not have her mother looking over her shoulder. We live about twenty-five minutes from where we go to school, which isn’t very convenient to run home while she’s dancing…….so I decided to sit in my room and blog. I hope you enjoy this cute little idea and freebie I made. We did this today and will be doing it tomorrow also.

I love mean, median, mode, and range. The students love finding the central tendencies. They are easy to find. The only difficult thing for some of the students is remembering which is which. I’ve seen several elementary teachers make “lap books.” I had never seen nor heard of these before, so I decided I wanted to incorporate them into my classroom somehow. I made cute little cut-outs to go along with it. Here are some pictures of the finished product…..

Central Tendency Lap Book Picture #1

My reasoning in some of those titles is because I emphasize “median is in the middle” and “mode, most” to try and help them remember the differences between the four. I also had my students hole-punch one side of it so that they can put them in their math binders. Here is a look at the inside……

Central Tendency Lap Book Picture #2


Those are pockets with little tags in them on the outside flaps of the lap book, and questions on the inside. I used the tags for students to write the definitions on them. Here is a closer look at the tags…..

Picture of Central Tendency Tag


Click here or on the image below to get your copy of the download!

Central Tendency Cut out picture


Last school year, I made a freebie while we were reviewing mean, median, mode, and range for the state test. Click here for that link and to get that little review page.

I hope your school year is going great!! Thanks for reading!

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