Modeling Multiplication Algebraic Equations

Part three of this series for modeling algebraic equations is going to be for multiplication algebraic equations.

To model multiplication algebraic equations, I used the cup and counters found in the packet in this post. I also needed more cups, so I made the ones below. Click on the image below to get that download.Extra Cups Picture

So here’s how I model multiplication algebraic equations……

Take the equation      2x = 6

I explain that one cup still represents “x” then I ask them how they think we should model 2x. Some will get it, some won’t. I explain that that tells me “x” two times. You would start with two cups. The two cups equals six means that in two cups, you have six (we called them ice cubes but you can call them counters or whatever) ice cubes. We are only wanting to know how many ice cubes are in one cup. They then need to split the ice cubes evenly between the two.

Here is a picture of them separated out.

multiplying algebraic equations model picture


Here are a list of examples that I used for my classes:

1) 2x = 12

2) 4x = 12

3) 3x = 18

4) 5x = 15

After using the cups and counters, I have them put those up and we draw the models. Here is an example of a drawing.

Drawing multiplication algebraic equations picture


Here are the examples I used for my students for drawing the equations:

1) 7x = 21

2) 3x = 24

3) 4x = 16

I hope your students enjoy this lesson as much as mine did!

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Multiplication Algebraic Equations Panda Pirate Find

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