Modeling Algebraic Expressions the Hands-On Way

I, along with many others I’m sure, was always terrible with word problems. Back in the day, I would always skip them in my homework assignments. My teachers didn’t really teach problem solving. They didn’t really go over the word problems. Nobody really “went there” with word problems. Well, the times….they are a changing, and especially in the wake of common core. Students more than ever must learn problem solving and must also understand the “what for’s” (Oklahoma talk) of mathematics.

In my class, we are just starting to get into some algebraic math. We started with numerical expressions, algebraic expressions, and then writing algebraic expressions.  For writing algebraic expressions, I made an activity that is super cute. The kids loved it and they were engaged and excited the whole time. There are three word statements in this activity. One has students model a numerical expression, and two have students model algebraic expressions. Here are some pictures of the activity.

Modeling Algebraic Expressions Page 1 DSC_0715 DSC_0716


I gave students the pages, scissors, a glue stick, and a colored piece of card stock and we went over each activity together.

You can get this great activity from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for only $2.50! Click on the image below to go to this activity in my store!

Modeling Algebraic Expressions Activity picture


Here is another great activity I have in my Teachers Pay Teachers store that I used for finding the value of algebraic expressions! My students loved this one too! Click on the image below to get this for only $2.50 in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Algebraic Expressions Spin Em Up Picture


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