A Polar Express Coordinate Graph Activity

The shelf elf series is over, because I wanted to move on to The Polar Express. I absolutely LOVE this movie! I wanted some way of incorporating it into my lessons this year. I often think that middle schoolers are robbed of the enjoyment of the holiday season because they are “older.” Well, I say that we can throw a little bit of relaxation and holiday magic into our lessons. We are first watching The Polar Express, and then I am making activities that coordinate with the movie. The first of those activities is this coordinate graphing activity. I have one similar in my store in the form of a “I Have/Who Has” activity. This one is more of an individual activity, but along the same style. The graphics in the activity are based on the movie theme. I hope you enjoy it!

Click here or on the image below to get your download!

Polar Express Coordinate Graphing Activity Picture


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