Shelf Elf Fraction Cards

Today’s shelf elf had a little “mishap” with one of the workbooks. lol! The students are really enjoying looking for him each day. It’s been a very uplifting thing to see the students enjoy him. It’s funny to hear the different things they have to say about him. Mostly they talk about how creepy he’s looking at them. Haha. The lesson on estimating fractions went great. They really enjoyed it. Click here to see that lesson.

Tomorrow, my elf will be sitting in the shredding box with some red and green shredded paper. We will still be working on estimating fractions. For the activity tomorrow, I made fraction cards. Each student will have a card with a fraction on it. They will go around the room and find a partner. They will use theirs and their partner’s fractions to estimate the sum, difference, and product. Here is a link to the free fraction cards. These cards can be used in MANY ways! After having them find the estimated operations, I will probably have them find the exact sum, difference, product, and quotient.

Click here or on the image to get the free download.


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3 Responses to Shelf Elf Fraction Cards

  1. Kari says:

    I have followed in your footsteps and have an elf for my 4th & 5th grade accelerated math classes. They have really enjoyed the activities, thank you SO much!!

    Funny story – Yesterday, our elf (Elfis – ha, ha!!) was sitting on the edge of my dry erase board ledge and I was in the middle of a lesson, when he fell to the floor. One of my 5th graders jumped out of his seat, knelt beside the elf, and pretended to give him CPR. It was hilarious!! They are really loving it! :) Thanks again!

  2. 2peasandadog says:

    I love reading your blog and thank you for taking the time to share for FREE your Elf activities.
    I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. See my post for details.

  3. donna says:

    I love your creativity and obvious dedication to your kids. Thank you for all your hard work.
    btw, there was no link to the lesson – or I couldn’t find it. Help!

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