Compare and Order Decimals 2012

I teach to compare and order decimals using Base 10 blocks. A few years ago, I was able to purchase a bunch of plastic Base 10 blocks through a grant I received. I bought them at Here is a picture of them………

Base 10 Blocks

 I know that many of you don’t have your own set of plastic Base 10 blocks, so I made you a set you can print, (laminate if you feel ambitious), cut, and use. If it was me, I would have my students cut them out themselves and give them a plastic baggie to put them in. I use Base 10 blocks for A LOT of my stuff. The download actually includes the Base 10 blocks, plus how to introduce decimals in general. It is an AMAZING freebie that you do not want to miss out on!!

Click here for your free download, or click on the picture.

To teach students how to compare and order decimals using the Base 10 blocks, I have them model the two numbers using the blocks, and then go from the largest place value to the smallest comparing the number of flats, rods, and then cubes.

Of course, as always, I them have them draw the pictorial representation of this. Here is an example from one of my students.

After working some examples without drawing pictures, I gave them each a decimal number card. Students were to walk around the room, find a partner, write down each of their decimal numbers, and then circle the larger of the two numbers. I let them do that for a few minutes, and then told them to form a group of at least four. They then had to order the decimals of their group from least to greatest. I then gave them a worksheet that I had made last year as part of a packet I made to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers, involving adding, subtracting, comparing and ordering fractions.

Click here to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to buy a copy of the decimal cards I made for the group activity. These cards can be used throughout the entire decimal unit. They are only $1.50!

Click here to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to get a copy of my “Using Base 10 Blocks to Add, Subtract, Compare and Order Decimals.” It is only $4.00 and has directions as to how I teach it as well as practice problems.

Thanks for your support and I hope you found this post useful!




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