First Lesson of the Year…… Three Dimensional Figures

What better way to start the first week of school, but with three dimensional figures. Oklahoma hasn’t changed to common core, so our sixth grade math geometry skills say that they are to be able to compare and contrast rectangular pyramids and prisms, triangular pyramids and prisms, cones, and cylinders. Next year we go to common core standards, and I don’t believe three dimensional Figures are even a part of sixth grade skills.

Seeing all of the great ideas for math notebooks, I decided to incorporate these in my classroom as well. We started the lesson off with a flap book for some of the characteristics of three dimensional figures. We glued one of side of the flap book onto a page of our notebooks so that it looks like this…….



 As we talked about three dimensional figures, I showed them an example of each using these models that I picked up from Lakeshore Learning Center last year.

 I then gave them a copy of the prism/pyramid cut and paste activity that I made last year. On a couple of them, the students had to really know the characteristics in order to determine where to be placed. They pasted this in their notebooks behind the foldable.



 We then talked about the nets of three dimensional figures. I stressed the importance of them knowing that a prism has rectangular sides and that a pyramid has triangular sides. I held up the plastic models from the previous picture, and took out the nets to show them. I have found and used 3D nets before, but they had little tabs on them in order to glue them together. Students often thought those were a part of the net. I decided to make my own and eliminate those tabs. I have also always had them tape the figures together. This year I decided to just have them fold them so that they could see the figure, but also lay them back out to see the net. Because I teach in a middle school, I have about one hundred students. There are six different nets that we use, so I couldn’t make enough copies for every student to make an entire set. We worked in groups of three or four, and they just shared them. If I had a small class, or would have sent them to the print shop (in which I’m not limited to copies), I would have given each student a set of their own. I would have had them glue each base into their notebooks, and they would have been able to fold and unfold them whenever they wanted. That would have been nice, and the ideal.

 While using their net foldables, I gave them a worksheet that asked them to identify the number of faces, bases, vertices, edges, and name the shapes for each. It is a “What am I” type of an activity. All-in-all, this was a very successful series of lessons. These lessons were over a couple of days, they were not all done in one day (my class period are only an hour).  I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved teaching the lessons to my class! Happy folding!

 While I offer a ton of things for free, these lessons I actual charge for. Sorry…. I’ve got to pay for my graphics and blog somehow so that the hubs doesn’t get too upset when he sees how much my hobby costs. The following are the 3D figure activities I used during these lessons. They are reasonably priced at only $2 a piece.

This first one is the set of 3D nets. I made them so that they could be used as posters as well as being cut out to fold. You can get this by clicking on the buttons here on the post, going to my blog store, or in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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The following includes the activity that has students cut and paste the different prisms and pyramids in the appropriate columns. It also includes the worksheet that the students are working on in the picture at the top of this post. It asks for the number of vertices, bases, edges, faces, and the shapes of the faces and bases. It is the activity pasted in the notebook in the picture above. It is an “What am I” type of activity. This set is for sale for $2.00 as well.

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