Back to School Foldable Freebie!!

Ok. This is my first video. I know…I know….DON’T LAUGH! Hahaha! There is nothing I despise more than having my picture taken, except now…..watching myself on video. I’ve gained ALOT of weight since my daughter was born (twelve years ago). When I picture myself in my head, I picture the much smaller me. I am brutally reminded that I am not that person when I see myself in pictures. Oh well, I’ll get over it because I LOVE seeing other people’s videos. It also makes it much easier to explain some of the harder things that I want to convey. It will be extremely handy when I’m wanting to show you how I explain certain concepts I’m teaching. Well here it goes….I hope you enjoy. (and NO, even though I have an accent, I’m not from Texas! Those are fighting words for us Okies. just kidding)

Hey! Like I said…No laughing! lol. So here are the pictures I promised you, that will give you step by step instructions.


Here is what you start out with.

Cut off the edges.

Now fold it like a hotdog.

 Hamburger fold

Now fold it like a hamburger.

Fold each of the short edged ends into the center

Fold each of the short edged ends into the center.

It should look something like this.

Now go back to the hotdog fold.

Cut a little snip here so that you can get your scissors in there.

Start cutting at your “snip” point that you just did, and cut along the ridge down the middle of the middle two sections. See the picture below for starting and stopping points.

Only cut between my two fingers.

Now open up the middle where you’ve cut and fold it like a star (while still keeping it in the hotdog fold.

Now fold it into the booklet making sure to have the front and back covers on the outsides.

TaDa! You’re done!! Now download your freebie and try it for yourself! Make sure and leave me a comment to tell me what you think. I hope you have an amazing back to school time!

p.s. If you haven’t already clicked the “Follow” button or followed me via e-mail, you should really do that. With school getting back in session here in a little while, I’ll be having some great things to post about.


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