The Hunger Games Coordinate Graph

One of the most important concepts that students must master in order to be successful in algebra, is graphing on a coordinate plane. One of the graphing activities that my students love year after year, is graphing ordered pairs that end up making cute pictures. I have made an amazing coordinate graphing activity, and I am soooo excited!! This is a coordinate graph picture of The Hunger Games mockingjay pin. It comes with a graph with the mockingjay pin picture on it, a blank coordinate graph, and a set of ordered pairs that form the picture. My students always love making pictures, and this one goes perfectly with the newest student obsession. There are now three ways to purchase this amazing activity! I have included it in my FTLOTM Store page, or you can click on the “Buy Now” button here on this post!


Click on the picture below to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to buy this great activity.


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