Characteristics of 3-D Shapes

Yes! I did make these cute little 3D shapes myself. I never claimed to be an artist, but I am getting better with my writing tablet. 

We are quickly getting closer to state testing time. State testing time is a very nerve racking time for me. I am very competitive, and want my students to make the best scores possible. It’s kind of our “State Tournament” for academics. I know that it’s not recommended to be so “obsessed” if you will, about these tests, but I find it a challenge for myself to have taught all of my students good enough for them to not only pass the test, but to score in the “Advanced” range. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t “teach” to the test, unless you consider teaching the PASS objectives that the state of Oklahoma has stated all students should master by the end of their sixth grade year.

Given that state testing time is getting closer by the minute, I have began thinking about and preparing activities to use in my classroom that will review the different concepts we have learned this year. Today’s activity I made, questions their knowledge of the characteristics of 3-dimensional shapes. I hope you are able to use it and find it helpful. My inspiration for the 3D shapes came from my recent purchase of another Sir Cumference series books. It’s called Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone. I later plan to make a couple of activities that will directly correlate with that book. Here is a download of the 3D characteristics worksheet “freebie” that I made today. Enjoy!!

Click the line below for the download or go to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers. The link is below for each one.

3D Characteristics Worksheet

 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th - Math -

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