A New Resource Book I’ve Found

Discovering Decimals by Laura Candler

If you’ve followed my blog at all, you know that I am addicted to finding new resource books. Last year, after already teaching decimals, I found a great book called “Discovering Decimals”. It is a Kagan book, for those of you who have heard of Kagan. I personally had never heard of Kagan until I came to Midwest City. A few of the math teachers had attended a Kagan workshop the year before, but they didn’t really elaborate on the details. After getting this book and a couple of other Kagan books, I am anxiously awaiting an opportunity to attend a workshop. Kagan is extremely hands-on, movement oriented, and stresses cooperative learning. It is everything I strive for my classroom to be like.

“Discovering Decimals” is authored by Laura Candler. The other day, I decided to Google her name to see if she had any other resources. I was happy to see that she has her own blog. Here is a link to her blog for those that would like to check it out  http://www.lauracandler.com 

The book is designed for grades 3-8, so it covers all aspects of decimals. The beginning of the book discusses cooperative learning structures, creating a cooperative classroom, investigating decimal concepts, teaching decimals with manipulatives, motivating reluctant problem-solvers, enriching decimal instruction with centers, and goes into detail about the different cooperative learning structures. The rest of the book has specific decimal activities. There were so many activities for the specific PASS we were learning, that I had to decide which one would the students benefit most from. They were all amazing activities with lots of hands-on manipulatives, games, and cooperative groups. There are black-line masters for the worksheets you need and there are several activity cards that you can copy on card stock and cut out. I will be discussing some of these activities in later posts. If you teach decimals at all in your classroom, I highly recommend it. As I said before, it is for grades 3-8. I ordered the book from www.enasco.com for $23.50, and it’s worth every penny and more.

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