Chill….. We’re Passing a Test

My school is busy preparing for the fast approaching testing season. Yes, I call it a season….. our season is most of April and most of May. I was asked to make a sign to go on teacher’s doors for when their classes are taking tests. I figured I’d pass this cute little sign on to you guys if you would like it. I teach in a high school, so I tried to make it for “older” students. Click here or on the image to download your own!

Testing sign

The cute clipart is from Ron Leishman

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Order of Operations Valentine’s Day Hunt

By request, I made an order of operations Valentine’s Day Hunt. I absolutely LOVE how cute these came out!! They are simple order of operations problems with no fractions or negatives. It’s a fun, quick activity to help your students review a very important math skill. So many different things you can do with these cards. Here’s how I used my exponential equations set.  Click here or on the image below to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and get yours!

Order of Operations Valentine's Day Hunt

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Solving Exponential Equations


Exponential Valentine


I don’t know about you, but some days go A LOT better than others. Today was one of those really good days.

Before school, I arranged my desks in groups of mostly threes and a couple of twos, so that I had ten groups. After going over how to solve exponential equations (of which most of them got, but I could tell some of them were just almost there), I handed out the recording sheet to a product I made yesterday. I then placed one of the ten problem cards on each of the groups. Students were to work the problems on their card and then move about the room working the rest of the problems.

I don’t generally mind if there is a little bit of off topic conversation, but I did have to monitor quite a bit. It was great seeing students work with each other, explaining how to work some of the problems. With about five minutes left before the bell rang, I gave the students the answers. I love that this requires students to get up and move about the room. Of course, most of them gripe and complain, but I guarantee they like it better than just sitting at a desk doing worksheets.

I made this product with cute Valentine’s products I bought from Ron Leishman and super cute fonts by KG Fonts. The product is for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here or on the image below to go check it out!!Exponential Valentine Product Picture

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A Super Sale!!

My husband LOVES watching football. Me…. not so much. While he’s watching the game, I’m usually playing on the computer with something. Guess what….. that’s what I’ll be doing today during the Super Bowl. I’m going to sit on the couch with my computer, look out the front window at the beautiful snow that has just fallen, and casually glance up at the game from time to time. I actually love these kinds of days.

In honor of such a relaxing day, some of my friends and I are holding a “Super Secondary Sale.” Everything in my store is 20% off!! Head over now and grab some of the products you’ve been waiting to buy!!

Sale button


Enjoy your day!!

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Assessing the Assessment – Student Reflections

My principal has always been very high on most things Marzano. In fact my first year with him, he gave each teacher Classroom Instruction that Works by Dr. Marzano. I haven’t exactly read the Marzano books, but we have definitely had a few meetings and several e-mails about the Marzano approach. My school district is actually using the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model as our evaluations. You can read more about that here.

I have created a few handouts that fulfill some of the requirements and suggestions of the Marzano model. One of the printouts that I made is a student reflection form. This is a form that students should fill out after they have taken an assessment. This form requires students to list the skills assessed. The skills they were weak in and the skills they were strong in. There is also a section for students to “level” themselves based on Marzano’s level of understanding.

I made this for my principals who shared it with our building, so I thought that I would share it with you as well. A couple of the images are in color, but of course I printed them in black and white.  Click here or on the image below to get your free download!

Assessment Assessment PictureThe super cute fonts in this download are by KG Fonts,

kg font logo

the adorable frames are from optionaleasycreditimageand the cute graphics are from

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Holiday Freebie eBook

Here is a great ebook gift from some of you favorite Teachers Pay Teachers authors……. I hope you enjoy!

Holiday ebook Cover

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The Christmas Elf Day 2

Make sure you check out my sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store! I am giving 20% off and then Teachers Pay Teachers will take another 10% off at checkout when you enter the code CYBER.

Here is a link to another of my classroom elf posts from last year! Hope you enjoy! I would love to hear any stories you have about your classroom elf!

Click here to go to that post!

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