Teacher Appreciation Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers

TPT TAS imageIt’s been a while folks… I’ll be back soon though. While you’re waiting, make sure you head over to Teachers Pay Teachers and grab some of those things you’ve been wanting and get up to 28% off when you enter the code THANKYOU at checkout!! A few of my secondary friends have joined up to give you some great stores to check out!!  
The sale is May 5 & 6th! Thanks for all you do!! 

For the Love of Teaching Math

The Classroom

Room 213

Darlene Anne’s ELA Buffet

Danielle Knight (Study All

Michele Luck’s Social

Teaching FSL

Juggling ELA

The SuperHERO

James Whitaker’s

Created by

Lessons With Coffee

Leah Cleary

Addie Williams

Linda Jennifer


Kristin Lee

Lindsay Perro

All Things Algebra

Mrs. Brosseau’s

Tracee Orman


Teaching High School

Pamela Kranz


Getting Nerdy
with Mel and Gerdy

Lovin Lit

ELA Everyday

Teaching Math by

The Creative

For the Love of
Teaching Math

Kesler Science

Live Love Math

To the
Square Inch- Kate Bing Coners

A Space to Create

Science and
Math with Mrs Lau

Brain Waves

Literary Sherri

Created for Learning

2 Peas and a Dog

Making Meaning
with Melissa

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Revisiting Integer Operations with a Freebie!!!

One of my all-time favorite things to teach is integer operations. I have built a few activities and games that make teaching integers a snap! I even made a couple of cute little videos (I say that sarcastically because I HATE myself in pictures haha.) Here are a couple of links to past blog posts I made about integers.

This is the last day of the Back to School sale on Teachers Pay Teachers, so make sure you click here or on any of the other TPT links to get your products for up to 28% off! Just enter promo code BTS2014 at the checkout!

Here is the post on adding and subtracting integers! Enjoy!!

Integer Spinner


Here is the post on multiplying and dividing integers!!

Integers, Counters, and cup


I hope you find these blog posts useful!! My students LOVE the activities and games!! Following this process, my students have no problems with integer operations at all. It makes me miss teaching sixth grade…..

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Some of My Favorite Things……

So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite products. Most of the products in my store have more than a couple of uses, so the directions I give are only suggestions. I hope you find something you find useful!

This first one is a coordinate graphing picture in which students graph coordinate points and connect the dots to find that it is a picture of the mockingjay pin from the Hunger Games. Students LOVE this and it is very relevant for these students. This is my best seller and is always a hit in my classroom. Click here or on the image to go straight to this product!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.41.14 PM

This is an AMAZING resource!! My students love this so much!! It is a coordinate plane with different letters randomly placed on it. Students play I have/ Who has while looking for the different letters. Such a great review for graphing! Click here or on the image below to go straight to the product!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.47.02 PM

This is one of my first products, so it looks kind of old school, but it is a fun way for students to review solving equations! My students (and I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from other teachers) love this so much! They fold it up and make a “fortune teller” full of problems. It is self-checking because students lift up the flap to check their answer after solving. This packet includes four different “fortune tellers” for the four different operations for solving equations. Click here or on the image below to go straight to the product.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.53.02 PM

This is by far one of the products I have gotten the most positive feedback on. It was even featured on a super cute blog post on Runde’s Room! Check out how she used it in her room! Students reduce fractions on different parts of a potato head and then glue them together to make a super cute picture that they customize. Click here or on the image below to go straight to the product.Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 3.59.38 PM


This is one of two SUPER useful products I am showing on this blog post. It’s how to teach operations with decimals using base 10 blocks. It has been a great seller for me and super useful. There are instruction and worksheets for students. Click here or on the image below to go straight to the product.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.00.47 PM

This is the second of the two extremely useful products I’m featuring. This one is teaching fractions, decimals, and percents the easy way. It is SUPER useful. It teaches how to tie fractions, decimals, and percents all into base 10 blocks. Click here or on the link below to go directly to the product.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.04.00 PM

Theses are just a few of my favorite. I have a ton more, like the Whack-A-Mole games and Go Fish games. I have several “fortune teller” activities and many “I Have/ Who Has” activities. Go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store today (August 4) or tomorrow (August 5) to get up to 28% off. You’ll automatically get 20% off and then type in the promo code BTS2014 at checkout to get the additional 10% off from TPT.

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Back to School 2014 includes a Freebie and a Sale!!


How about that for a sale promo!!! Thanks to Danielle from Study all Knight for her hard work putting it all together!! Anybody know which one is me? lol! Below will be a link to all of the stores of those in our cute photo.

I’m not sure who is with me, but I am SUPER excited for back to school!! This is my favorite time of the year! I love new clothes, new school supplies, the excitement of new students, I love football season, and the cooling of the weather. This year I have even more to be excited about!!

For the last six years, my family and I have lived in one town…. my husband and son drove one direction to go to school and work (my husband is a wrestling coach and pe teacher) while my daughter and I drove the opposite direction to go to school and work. We have lived it, but I have missed out on a lot of my son’s activities and my husband has missed out on a lot of my daughter’s activities. Well……. a week and a have ago, my husband got a job at my high school!!! This means that we will all be going to the same town!! My daughter is a freshman, so that means that three of us will be in the same building! My son will be going back to the elementary school he went to for kindergarten through 2nd grade. A certain song comes to mind…. “Reunited and it feels so good….” haha..

Along with the excitement of “Back to School” comes the super, amazing, wonderful Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School sale!! Because of the craziness of me changing from sixth grade math to Algebra II, I had a hard time keeping up with my blog and Teachers Pay Teachers store. Hopefully I can get back to blogging. I really love it and I love being able to share my thoughts and ideas with others. This year I will be teaching my Algebra II classes, but I will also be teaching two sections of Algebra I. This means I will be adding some Algebra I resources this year!

The first couple of weeks of school are just to freshen up on some basic skills so I made a little cut and paste activity for my Algebra I students. It’s very basic so it could easily be used for lower grades. This will be my gift to you for back to school!! While you’re looking for great resources, make sure you check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store for some things that you could use. I am offering a 20% discount and Teachers Pay Teachers is offering another 10% after that for a total of 28% off!! This is for Monday, August 4th and Tuesday, August 5th only, so don’t miss out!! Make sure that you type the promo code BTS2014 at checkout!!  Here is a link to my store….. For the Love of Teaching Math

Here is the great freebie!! Click here or on the image below for the free download!

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 9.00.41 PM

Here is a link to all of the fab collaborators for the Back to School Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Click here and there should be lots of clickable links!


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Chill….. We’re Passing a Test

My school is busy preparing for the fast approaching testing season. Yes, I call it a season….. our season is most of April and most of May. I was asked to make a sign to go on teacher’s doors for when their classes are taking tests. I figured I’d pass this cute little sign on to you guys if you would like it. I teach in a high school, so I tried to make it for “older” students. Click here or on the image to download your own!

Testing sign

The cute clipart is from Ron Leishman

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Order of Operations Valentine’s Day Hunt

By request, I made an order of operations Valentine’s Day Hunt. I absolutely LOVE how cute these came out!! They are simple order of operations problems with no fractions or negatives. It’s a fun, quick activity to help your students review a very important math skill. So many different things you can do with these cards. Here’s how I used my exponential equations set.  Click here or on the image below to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and get yours!

Order of Operations Valentine's Day Hunt

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Solving Exponential Equations


Exponential Valentine


I don’t know about you, but some days go A LOT better than others. Today was one of those really good days.

Before school, I arranged my desks in groups of mostly threes and a couple of twos, so that I had ten groups. After going over how to solve exponential equations (of which most of them got, but I could tell some of them were just almost there), I handed out the recording sheet to a product I made yesterday. I then placed one of the ten problem cards on each of the groups. Students were to work the problems on their card and then move about the room working the rest of the problems.

I don’t generally mind if there is a little bit of off topic conversation, but I did have to monitor quite a bit. It was great seeing students work with each other, explaining how to work some of the problems. With about five minutes left before the bell rang, I gave the students the answers. I love that this requires students to get up and move about the room. Of course, most of them gripe and complain, but I guarantee they like it better than just sitting at a desk doing worksheets.

I made this product with cute Valentine’s products I bought from Ron Leishman and super cute fonts by KG Fonts. The product is for sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here or on the image below to go check it out!!Exponential Valentine Product Picture

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